About Us

SmartComm World is a “Digital Transformation” company. We have created a digital framework for cities; towns; tourist spots and places of interest to challenge their status quo, to be better equipped to thrive in the Post-Covid era.


We identify common business operational gaps and create simple and easy to use solutions to address them. We basically help businesses to be more cost efficient using Technology Smartly.


The most common and expensive mistake made by companies is not adopting the “Right Fit”. They tend to buy more than they need. They over compensate and buy as much as they can to avoid going through the entire hassle of getting approvals and budgets. Eventually, the adopted technology ends up more costly, creating new complexities for your organization.


Always remember when it comes to technology adoption, it is about Intelligent Deployment of Internet of Things. To simplify, “ID-IOT”.


In SmartComm World, we address your immediate “Pain Points”. We seek a fine balance for providing solutions that offer functionality, practicality, usability and cost.

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