What makes a Solution really smart? Here in SmartComm World, we came out with several key characteristics that we strongly believe it must have.


  • Disruptive Technology
    Do differently, Do More. It allows you to do things differently but better. Change is the only constant.
  • Force Multiplier
    Do More with less. It is a tool. It is meant to assist you. Not the opposite.
  • Increases Efficiency
    Do Faster. It helps you to get things done easier and faster.
  • Decreases Cost
    Do Cheaper. The solution must be able to help lower your entire cost of doing business.
  • Scalable
    As your business grow, the solution must be able to grow with you.
  • Repeatable
    The solution must be able to be deployed over and over again offering the same level of quality across the industry.
  • Software as a Service
    You should not be locked and shackle  into a closed system, be at the mercy of the system. Do as long as you like.
  • Self Managed System
    You are not at the mercy of the IT Vendor or need an army of IT personnel supporting your system.
  • Ease of Deployment
    Easy to Do. The system setup is all done at the backend. It should have minimal disruption to the existing business.
  • Ease of Adoption
    Easy to use. The use of the system would almost be intuitive with very little difficulty.
  • Open System
    Do Together. The system should be able to work well with other systems.
  • Analytics
    Its not about just collecting Big Data. It is about the ability to generate useful, meaningful information to help make better business decisions.


**   “Passing the Cost to the Customer is not Smart Technology”.

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