The Hospitality 4.0 Solution is specifically designed to address Manpower, Efficiency and to Enhance the total Guest Experience for the Hospitality Industry. It does not matter if it is Villas at an exclusive beach resort, Suites in a Premium Hotel or Rooms in Budget Hotels, upon adoption they will see a significant improvement in its daily operation.


The Hotel is able to pick and choose the modules they need and adopt them accordingly or they can choose the entire suite and deploy them in separate phases.


No applications are required to be managed or downloaded. The solution does not interface, connect or interfere with the Hotel existing IT system. It is a separate standalone system that works as a “Front Guest Interface”. It collects the various request by the guest and disseminate them in a centralized format to be processed by the existing system that is already in placed.


A. Guest Check-in Module.

B. Digital Concierge Module

C. Guest Room Digital Assistant

D. F&B Module – Formal & Informal for Restaurants and Café

E. Data-Analytics Module

F. Self Managed Content Management System Module.

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