Eco Tourist
Walk ins are able to self navigate bout the zoned areas and scan the tags to get information about the specific crop of interest. Individuals, organized groups and organizations.


Outreach Program
Customized information on collaterals to promote awareness of the Farm, its goals, latest activities and objectives.


Crop Stations
At each station, staff is able access to a task list related to the specific crop and station. The staff ID, date and time are captured for reporting.


Crop Zones 
Information on the latest farming techniques can be disseminated through the Zone Codes and to manage field staff.


Supply, reorder of crops, equipment and harvest crop to suppliers and customers.


Urban Farmers Portal 
Current urban farmers and enthusiast are able to access a common portal to interact, exchange farming information and a resource for crop assistance and education.


Potted Retail
Instructions on how to grow t vegetables at home or offices.


To investors, government and internal management decision making

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